Sitting Time Calculator

Do you realize how much you sit? Excessive sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system, potentially leading to health problems. Evaluate how much you sit each day and learn ways to reduce that time.

Sitting Time Calculator

Calculate how much you sit each day and learn if you are at risk of sitting disease. Select the number of hours you sit when you...

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On average, do you get the recommended 2.5 hours a week of exercise?
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This calculator determines "Risk for Sitting Disease" using the following assigned values for the different thresholds:

  • LOW risk indicates sitting less than 4 hours per day
  • MEDIUM risk indicates sitting 4 to 8 hours per day
  • HIGH risk indicates sitting 8 to 11 hours per day
  • VERY HIGH risk indicates sitting more than 11 hours per day

This calculator determines "Risk for Sitting Disease" using thresholds defined by research published in Arch Intern Med. 2012;172(6). Dr. David Dunston summarizes the findings in this video from the 2012 JustStand Wellness Summit.

Quick Facts

30,000 Calories

30,000 Calories

By standing for three additional hours each day over the course of a year, you can burn up to 30,000 extra calories and eight pounds of fat. That’s the equivalent of running about ten marathons
7.7 Hours

7.7 Hours

Global studies show we sit for 7.7 hours per day on average, and some estimate people sit for up to 15 hours per day
20 Minutes

20 Minutes

20 minutes in any fixed position starts to inhibit your metabolism
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