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While the impacts of sedentary lifestyles have been well-documented, little attention has been given to how prolonged sitting impacts the overall health of an organization. To explore this issue, Ergotron regularly commissions third-party research to understand full-time employees’ attitudes towards sitting at work and how they believe it impacts their productivity and overall wellbeing. The research also examines the business implications of sedentary lifestyles.


Scientific research surrounding the impacts of sitting and the benefits of a movement-mindset is mounting. The infographics below bring together the facts that you need to know in a visual format.

White Papers & Reports

In order to provide a well-rounded understanding of sedentary lifestyles and the importance of integrating movement into your day, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the various fields of research. Within these white papers and reports, we present the critical information you need to support healthier lifestyles in your environment, whether that’s in the office, at school or at home, through the simple act of movement.


To kickstart your initiatives, we’ve assembled the tools you need most all in one place. They are ready to download and use at your office, in your home or at school.

WorkFit Champion Toolkit

We've assembled the tools for you, ready to download and use at your office. Shoot us a question at We're here to help you spread the word. This ToolKit includes everything you need:

  • Kickstart Guide & Checklist
  • Tips & Tricks for Standing More
  • eBooks & White Papers
  • Letter to Your Boss Template
  • Posters & Infographics
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