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Achieving a higher level of health sounds great, but since many of us spend so much time at the workplace, how do we fit in wellness? That’s part of the question that Ergotron aims to help employers answer at the Higher Health Symposium on April 19th at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NHSU) in Bloomington, MN.

Ergotron is partnering with the NHSU and several other notable companies, including Advacare, Corporate Health Systems, Optum and Trig for this event. The day-long forum will highlight new opportunities for improving employee health, wellbeing and productivity.

There’s a lot to be said on the subject and the day’s agenda will be fast-paced. Conference-goers will hear from six unique speakers on all aspects of innovative employee health and wellness. Ergotron will explore the implications of sedentary behavior and ways to make movement a conscious part of everyday life.

Are you a wellness champion? Suggest this event to organization leaders near Bloomington who are ready to take their employees’ health to new heights. There’s still time to register to attend.

We will follow-up after this event with action-able tips from a great lineup of industry professionals, including Jerry Kill, the dynamic former University of Minnesota football coach. Stay tuned for a recap post right after the symposium.

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