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Seven years ago, we kicked off the JustStand® Wellness Uprising to help raise awareness of the dangers of prolonged sitting. And we are accomplishing that mission. Tens of thousands of you come to the site each month, thank you for that! You are making a difference in how the world is viewing physical inactivity—in the work place and in every environment where you live, work and play. And the JustStand Index confirms it too, more people are aware of the dangers of prolonged sitting and are doing something about it.

Now it’s time to take it a little further.

With this site refresh we’ve added new resources to help you share this important message with the people you care about most.

Pete Segar, Ergotron’s CEO, sums it up pretty well, “Research is rapidly progressing on the health impact of a sedentary lifestyle and the effectiveness of products like sit-stand desks. is a convenient source for research and useful tips on creating a healthy, productive workplace.”

You still have access to popular tools like the calorie-burn calculator and sitting-time calculator. In addition, you can now view quick tips for standing within the office, education and home markets. And there is a resource section which provides downloadable content like infographics, case studies and more to share, plus, a new media library of videos, webinars, graphics and logos.

Thanks for taking a stand with us to raise awareness and to help create a healthier tomorrow. If you haven’t yet, be sure to join our mission or subscribe to receive email alerts about new research and more. From all of us at JustStand Wellness Central, thanks for doing your part! And rest assured, the movement is still going strong.


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