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Ready to replace your static office furniture with movement-friendly sit-stand desks but unsure where to start? Simply purchasing the desks won’t guarantee success. For the best results, you need to build mindshare with key influencers, and design a program that supports adoption and behavior change. In Ergotron’s latest handbook, Make the Sit-Stand Switch, you’ll learn three strategies for successfully adopting sit-stand furniture at your company.

Both your employees and your business depend on it. Millions of workers sit at desks or around conference tables every day, which negatively impacts employee productivity and contributes to many unhealthy (and costly) physical conditions and life-threatening diseases.

Adding intermittent standing to the workday promotes physical and mental health. With the Sit-Stand Switch, more movement in your organization can improve engagement, performance and health, ultimately contributing to your business’ success and helping employees thrive. Ensure that your organization successfully becomes a culture of movement.

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