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The work day can take us in all different directions. From offices to conference rooms to impromptu meetings in the break room, work doesn’t only happen at your assigned workstation. That’s why employees need flexible options that move with them. With mobile standing desks, employees can work effectively individually or collectively around the office, while garnering the same health and productivity benefits offered by height-adjustable standing workstations.

Mobile standing desks create flexible working areas that adjust to each employee, each meeting and each industry. Their simple design makes them easy to assemble and compact, so they’re easy to store. Better yet, they’re often low cost and make a minimal impact to your company’s budget.

Together, mobile standing desks and individual sit-stand workstations support a culture of movement throughout the entire office environment. A traditional meeting room that offers no choice but sitting isn’t conducive to changing sedentary behaviors. Adding mobile standing desks, even if enough chairs are present, gets people thinking about their choices and reflects a movement-friendly office culture.

Not sure how to use mobile standing desks in your workplace? Look to these areas around the office for potential opportunities to infuse movement. And remember, there’s infinite options for configurations and use.

Conference rooms
With limited seats around the conference table, let employees rotate between sitting and standing at a set of height-adjustable standing desks. More than one employee can lean or write on each mobile desk, and standing will help keep workers focused. The wheels also offer flexibility to break off into small work groups, as needed.

Common areas
Some of the best ideas and discussion happen spontaneously around the office. Strategically position standing desks in your work area, so employees can grab one or a whole set for a last-minute discussion. This helps foster a collaborate atmosphere that encourages employees to spend time away from their main workstations and remain productive.

Touch-down stations
Many organizations employ at-home workers or workers at satellite offices. Use height-adjustable standing desks as floater desks or touch-down stations that these employees can use when visiting. They’ll benefit from the healthy sit-stand functionality and the flexibility that allows them to connect with co-workers around the company.

Walking meetings
Using set meeting time to burn extra calories and enjoy the fresh air with a walk is a great way to incorporate movement into the workday. But what about taking notes on the go? Mobile standing desks allow one person to take notes on a laptop or a pad of paper to ensure walking meetings are both healthy and productive.

Home office
For employees that work at home full time or just a few days per week, mobile standing desks can offer a flexible way to work. The mobility allows users to wheel their workstation into an area that’s well-lit or quiet while working, then wheel it out of sight in the evenings. It serves as another option to the standard home office workspace that may or may not already have a sit-stand workstation.

Inspired to make the Sit-Stand Switch™ in your office? Download our easy-to-read handbook to learn how.


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