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Our bodies are meant to move, but let’s face it – we spend most of life sitting down. From home to the office, we sit stationary in chairs, couches, driver’s seats and more. The average person sits 12 hours each day, which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers and more.

How much are you sitting? Find out here. If you’re in the high-risk zone, it’s time for the Sit-Stand Switch – your guide for standing up to stale office attitudes and rocking work (and life) as a stander. What is it? It’s simply changing how you work every 30 minutes. Sit for 30 and then stand for 30 – that’s the rhythm to positively impact your health, productivity and mood.

Here are three tips to get you started:

Start small

Sit-Stand Switch

We know you’re amped for the opportunity to stand, but don’t do too much too fast. Start slowly and work up to the Sit-Stand Switch to avoid any unintended physical stress or strain on your body. Stand for short periods at a time – 5 minutes per hour, then 10 minutes and beyond – until you work up to standing 30 minutes per hour. Don’t worry – even small changes make a difference!

Be creative and make your hourly sit-stand routine your own. Try doing 30 minutes of sitting while at your computer followed by 30 minutes of standing during a team meeting. Or try 30 minutes of sitting, 20 minutes of standing while on a conference call and 10 minutes of stretching.

Watch your posture

No matter where you are in the Sit-Stand Switch, good posture is important to make sure you reap the benefits. While sitting, avoid the age-old temptation to slump forward, crane your neck out or drop it down. While standing, keep your knees relaxed but not locked.

Accessories are key for sit-stand workers. Ditch your heels or uncomfortable shoes while at your workstation and opt for ones with support. Make sure to use a mat to serve as a cushion for your feet.

Set reminders

Old habits die hard. But thanks to technology (or even basic office supplies), you can avoid falling back into sedentary bad habits. Give yourself regular reminders to change your posture like:

  • Setting an alarm on your phone to ring at 30-minute intervals
  • Using a Fitbit® or other wearable device that tracks activities and reminds you to move
  • Posting a sticky note on your computer screen that you can’t miss
  • Trying an app such as SitStandCOACH or Rise & Recharge that messages you to stand or to sit at set intervals

Within a few weeks, you’ll depend less on the reminders and more on your body’s natural cues to switch positions.

Time to switch

When you’re ready to switch, we have the WorkFit® sit-stand workstations for you to turn your office up and get more out of work – and life.


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