The Tools

Put an end to your sedentary lifestyle.

Getting on the path to a healthier lifestyle starts with having an awareness of your behavior and environment, and access to the tools that will empower you to move. has a number of tools to help you assess your current situation, personalize your working environment and secure the right equipment to create an active environment.

The Calculators

Are you at risk for sitting disease? How many more calories can you burn while standing? Use these calculators (and share with friends!) to better understand how sedentary behavior is affecting your health.

Breaking up extended periods of sitting by standing more – especially at work – can help promote health and fitness. Calculate the additional calorie expenditure and see the difference standing can make.

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calories burned
calories burned

This calculator is based on Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) from the Compendium of Physical Activities. For activity akin to office work, METs range from 1.3–1.8 when sitting and 1.8–2.3 when standing. This calculator uses a MET of 1.5 for sitting (MET code 11580) and a MET of 2.0 for standing (MET code 09071).

Quick Facts

30,000 Calories

30,000 Calories

By standing for three additional hours each day over the course of a year, you can burn up to 30,000 extra calories and eight pounds of fat. That’s the equivalent of running about ten marathons

7.7 Hours

7.7 Hours

Global studies show we sit for 7.7 hours per day on average, and some estimate people sit for up to 15 hours per day

20 Minutes

20 Minutes

20 minutes in any fixed position starts to inhibit your metabolism

The Products

Convert your space to create a movement-friendly lifestyle

Trapped sitting all day? A sit-stand workstation and other ergonomic furniture can help to easily add more activity into your day. Browse some of Ergotron’s most popular products below to find the best solutions for your office, school or home.

At the Office

Create a movement-friendly workplace. With Ergotron’s ergonomic line of WorkFit® sit-stand solutions, you can realize measurable ROI while improving wellness and satisfaction.

At School

Build an active classroom. Ergotron’s suite of education solutions helps transform classrooms – from K-12 to higher ed – into physically active and digitally connected learning spaces.

At Home

Keep moving while staying organized. For work or play, ErgotronHome and OmniMount products are an easy way to sit less and move more for health and vitality.

Need help with your sit-stand solution? Contact the experts at Ergotron: 800-888-8458 or Live Chat or Email
Disclaimer: Ergotron devices are not intended to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease

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