The Facts: Infographics

Visualizing the sit-stand data

The scientific research regarding sitting and standing is strong. These infographics bring together the most pertinent facts in an easy-to-read form.


Infographic: Sitting Disease by the Numbers
Sitting Disease by Numbers
Infographic: Sitting Disease by the Numbers
Getting Productivity Up & Moving
Infographic: Classroom Movement Gets an A+
Classroom Movement Gets an A+
Infographic: 2 of 3 Workers Want “Sit or Stand” Choice
Workers Want Choice
Infographic: Take-a-Stand Project
Take-a-Stand Project
Infographic: The WorkFit Survey
The WorkFit Survey
Infographic: Reducing Sitting Time
Reducing Sitting Time
Infographic: Health Benefits Associated with Standing
Health Benefits of Standing
Infographic: Reducing Children’s Classroom Sitting Time Using Sit-to-Stand Desks
Reducing Classroom Sitting Time
Infographic: Reducing Low Back Pain at Work
Reducing Low Back Pain at Work

Featured Graphic

An alarming report card …

  • Kids who are overweight 32%
  • Kids who are not active to healthy levels 66%
  • School districts requiring daily recess 20%
LearnFit Student Standing Desk

One Solution: Standing Desks
The introduction of standing desks is an effective way to reduce sedentary behavior. See Products

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