The Mission

The Mission for

Ergotron’s commitment to wellness

Ergotron has influenced healthy computing for over three decades, using scientific research as a basis. With dangers of prolonged sitting becoming more evident, was launched.

What We Stand For

  • Raising awareness about the dangers of excessive sitting
  • Collaborating with researchers and supporting studies to further our understanding of sedentary behavior and its antidotes
  • Furnishing tools and resources for people, media, businesses, schools and researchers to enable healthy choices
  • Uniting a community in the cause to spread awareness and impact global change for a new way of working
  • Providing solutions and supports that help reduce sedentary behaviors, both at home and at work

WorkFit for Wellness

Standing is a natural posture for humans, more so than sitting. With sit-stand desk products like WorkFit from Ergotron, the nature of work is becoming a bit more natural.

WorkFit Sit-Stand Desks

If you’re one of the millions of knowledge workers worldwide who spend the majority of their working day sitting behind a computer, the simplest non-exercise activity you can do for yourself is to stand up. The benefits are multifold.

Background of an Uprising

Ergotron has engaged in influencing healthy computing behavior for over three decades. In 2009, we began developing sit-stand solutions to address the growing issues of back and neck pain in the office environment—issues that our own people were experiencing at their desk each day. At the same time, studies were emerging revealing the dangers of prolonged sitting, what researchers started calling “sitting disease.”

Seeing a gap in public understanding of the issue and its impact on individuals, businesses and organizations, we launched in 2010. The aim of the site was to provide tools and resources for people, media, businesses, schools and researchers to help raise awareness of the dangers of prolonged sitting; and secondly, draw attention to the simple remedy of standing and moving more throughout one’s day.

In 2011, we recognized the need to engage key influencers involved in research and thus launched the first JustStand® Wellness Summit, formally introducing the notion that affordable sit-stand solutions exist to change the sedentary behavior that researchers were observing. In following years, annual Wellness Summits grew in scope and size; the positive response has been overwhelming. Through workshops and meetings, top researchers in the field and business professionals have explored the challenges of modern work culture. Out of this first Summit, like-minded academic leaders and business groups began collaborating on projects to improve our work environments. Presentations from past summits from these key researchers and business leaders can still be viewed: 2013 and 2012.

To get a finger on the pulse of public opinion, we published our first JustStand Index in 2013 and the second in 2016. The second Index revealed that awareness of sitting disease has doubled from 7% to 15%. The sit-stand movement is continuing to grow globally as wellness and health experts are beginning to adopt the sit-stand philosophy for their companies. Follow popular media news on Twitter via @juststandnews.

Supporting the Cause

In addition to creating spaces for collaboration in person and via online communities (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), you’ll find original tools available to help people evaluate their situation, like the calorie-burn calculator and sitting-time calculator.

We have also produced several PSA-type videos that promote awareness, and created infographics to address topics of the Uprising, as well as research findings from HealthPartners, Chester University, and the University of Queensland. Other resources from include the workspace planner and payback calculator, which help organizations justify investment while ensuring proper adoption of ergonomic solutions.

In ongoing collaboration with academic and research organizations, Ergotron is examining categories of risk: musculoskeletal, psycho-social, cardiovascular and metabolic. Studies using Ergotron WorkFit and LearnFit have collected data to measure the difference that stand-up interventions can make on back pain, heart rate, caloric intake/expenditure, blood sugar, mood states and other health indicators.

In fact, we are so passionate about the JustStand mission that since’s inception, we have given away more than 10,000 complimentary sit-stand workstations to over 4,000 organizations around the world. We have conducted over 125 Wellness seminars attended by over 2,000 people looking to understand “Sitting Disease” and impact organizational health.

We All Can Play a Part

Help spread the message annfluence change where you live and work. We’ve assembled the tools for you, and we will back you up along the way. Shoot us a question at We’re here to help you spread the word or connect you to other stand-up pioneers.

There are resources to help you understand the risk. There are solutions out there to address the issue. If each of us does our part—from staying informed and spreading the message, to being a role model in our offices with a sit-stand desk, to impacting public policy that highlights the need for more active working and learning environments—it will make a difference in shaping a healthier tomorrow, in our schools, homes and businesses. The problem is major, but the solution can be simple: just stand a little more.

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