Summit 2012

2nd Annual JustStand Wellness Summit – 2012

Sitting Disease is harmful, and potentially deadly.
Research confirms this, listing physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle as key risk factors in 4 out of the top 7 killers in the U.S.
In this complimentary, day-long session, thought leaders from around the world gathered to share research, perspectives and success stories on creating corporate cultures that facilitate healthier, more active work routines.

These concerns impact every corner of the globe and it’s time we all took a stand.

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Create opportunities within your waking hours to limit sitting time.
~ Dr. David Dunstan
Summit Photos
KARE 11 News featured story:
Ways to combat ‘sitting disease’
Discover what others are saying about standing more:

Presentations and Panels – July 10, 2012

* Due to the preliminary nature of the research findings, this presentation is not available for download and has not been included in the panel presentation video.

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