Feedback from people who stand

A change in posture can make a big difference! Read what others are saying about changes they’ve made to their computing life. (All emphases by the authors.) Then Join the Wellness Uprising!

How Do You WorkFit?

See examples of how WorkFit is changing the lives of Creative Professionals.

Standing Perspectives

  • For the past ten years, I have had back issues in my lower lumbar. With the Ergotron WorkFit, I have been able to sit or stand based on my pain level. The unit is very easy to move up and down. It has really helped as I had my second back surgery a month ago. I was back working a week later. The unit has helped me gain tolerance to be able to stand longer.” ~ Heather H.
  • I spend 8-9 hours at my desk every day and appreciate the freedom my Ergotron desk gives me to stand up and move, while continuing to work. My back issues have lessened and I would thoroughly recommend it for use in any office environment.” ~ Sandy R.
  • I love this product … it’s helped my back so much. Thank you for helping me get my work done at a healthy workstation!” ~ Audra L.
  • After years of back pain and the discovery of a significant disk rupture, I decided that I would try to sit less at work… I never could get comfortable, despite lumbar support, different chairs, etc. Now I’ve been standing at work for over 2 years (yes, I sit occasionally) and my back has never felt better. Thanks for taking a stand on this!” ~ Jennifer K.
  • I truly enjoy the Ergotron sit-stand unit. It is the best thing since Santa Claus and Cotton Candy and it doesn’t get any better than that.” ~ Connie J.
  • Thanks so much for the fantastic Ergotron workstations—I love how they have made me re-think how I work! It has been an energizer—it makes doing data entry/computer work WAY more enjoyable and painless” ~ Joan W.
  • The Ergotron sit-stand unit is great! … I stand for much of the day and take sit ‘breaks’ as needed.” ~ Karen K.
  • Being a commuter to work, I sit in a car for 1 hour each way, so being able to stand at work feels good!” ~ Kathie H.
  • I just love my WorkFit :) I have told everyone about it. I also love knowing I am burning more calories; now at work I workout every day!!!!!” ~ Gina G.
  • I am bowing to you and all the folks at Ergotron for this incredible piece of lifesaving ART! After just one day I feel GREAT…it’s so comfortable, and easy to use. Thank you so much!” ~ Gail B.
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  • I’m standing right now because of my standing workstation. I hate sitting all day and I’m burning calories while working!” ~ Rod G.
  • Although initially it feels awkward to stand in meetings, I am getting used to it and more people are joining me. I am beginning to suggest that meeting rooms have tall tables around the periphery so those who chose to stand have a surface for note taking. We are finding that meetings where people are standing for all or part of the time are energized, productive and don’t last as long—all good!” ~ Linda F.
  • I always had a challenge getting to my required burned calories per day. I have always been involved in a health improvement program at my office and wear an activity monitor that tracks my calories burned. Once I started [standing] in my office I noticed that my calories burned per day went up by about 400. It seemed that I was reaching my daily goals without even thinking about it. Who would have thought such a simple thing would make such a huge difference.” ~ Clare H.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my [standing workstation]. I’m standing now and it feels great to get my butt out of that chair! All my workouts, yoga, pilates, etc. aren’t ruined at my desk!” ~ Cindy J.
  • I love my standing workstation—I’m burning 300–500 extra calories by standing all day and my back is SO HAPPY!!!! Small changes can = big results!” ~ Chris Freytag
  • My back REALLY hurt today; was good to come home to my WorkFit. I wouldn’t have been able to work on my blog without it—being able to stand kept me working!” ~ Jean P.
  • Standing is a helpful option with pending hip replacement.” ~ Claire M.
  • I have been using my WorkFit for a month now. It has had a dramatic positive impact on my productivity and wellbeing. Being able to stand while using the computer is the way to go. I have much less fatigue at the end of the day. I really do get more done because of it. There is much less stress on my back and neck muscles. I won’t sit and use a computer at work anymore.” ~ Brad D.
  • Everybody take note of what great things come from standing. My friend Joel turned me onto this today. The studies are powerful. So get up now and then, don’t just sit there.” ~ Michelle L.
  • I am a student and spend long hours sitting at a desk all day studying. I stumbled on this by accident and am proud to say that I shall be standing a lot more as of now.” ~ Jade M.
  • I think that [my sit-stand desk] is a very useful tool in my office. It is an extremely easy to use device and definitely helps increase productivity... I would recommend this device to anyone who is concerned with long term health issues because of constant sitting.” ~ Rohit K.
  • I was so tired at the end of the day while sitting. Being sedentary really got to me. Been standing for 3 months and love it. Still keep getting funny looks from people in the office. Well worth it!” ~ Jared S.
  • Just wanted to let you know I'm still loving my [sit-stand] desk set up. I've started training again for my fourth half-marathon and I'm noticing that my legs (hips, ankles, knees) feel much stronger.” ~ Mike B.
  • I love my Ergotron sit/stand station! It is everything I had hoped it would be. I feel better in my shoulders and elbows. Even my back feels better.” ~ Joanna B.
Standing all day and my back is SO HAPPY!!!! Small changes can = big results!
~ Chris Freytag

Impressions of a WorkFit

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