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The Office Landscape is Evolving

While the health impacts of sedentary lifestyles have been well-documented, little attention has been given to how prolonged sitting impacts the overall health of an organization. To explore this issue, we asked 1,000 full-time employees how they believe sitting at work impacts their productivity and overall wellbeing.

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Getting Productivity Up & Moving

The long-term health problems associated with sedentary work and lifestyles may be one of the most unanticipated threats of our modern time. Although leading medical organizations recommend breaking up sedentary time in the office, most workers still have no choice but to sit at their desks all day.

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e-Book: Ergotron JustStand Index This e-Book, the second JustStand Index, outlines the survey results and the business implications of sedentary lifestyles, focusing on employee productivity, wellness and engagement, as well as the promising news that public awareness of sitting disease is shifting.

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Defining the Problem

What workers said …  

  • Awareness of sitting disease +8%
  • Those who feel at risk of sitting disease +1%
  • Belief that excessive sitting = early death +12%

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