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Bring a Wellness Uprising to Your Office!

Resources to spread the message

Use these resources to kick start your “WorkFit at Work” Campaign. Find PSA videos, banner ads and even a letter to your boss. Awareness is the first step to making a positive change.

WorkFit Champion Toolkit

We’ve assembled the tools for you, ready to download and use at your office. Shoot us a question at We’re here to help you spread the word. This ToolKit includes everything you need:

  • Kickstart Guide & Checklist
  • Tips & Tricks for Standing More
  • e-Books & White Papers
  • Letter to Your Boss Template
  • Posters & Infographics

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    Standing while working promotes fitness. See the difference in calorie-burn, in time it adds up!


    Evaluate how much you sit each day and learn ways to reduce that time for better health.


    Find the right position for workstation components with the Workspace Planner.


    Discover the science of sitting and standing. Studies find a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of illness or injury, experts call this “sitting disease".


    These infographics bring together the most pertinent research and facts in an easy-to-read form.

  • Interested in free training on wellness issues? Contact us at

  • at - Survey results on public awareness regarding the dangers of prolonged sitting.


Webinar: A Case for Sit-Stand
ErgoExpo Webinar

PSA Videos

Rethinking Workspaces

Designing our environments in new ways

What If...

What if we could improve lives?

The Office Breakup

Watch Monday’s Breakup! Monday’s Breakup
Don’t Make This Weird.

Watch Tuesday’s Breakup! Tuesday’s Breakup
This Relationship Is Killing Me!

Watch Wednesday’s Breakup! Wednesday’s Breakup
You Deserve Better.

Watch Thursday’s Breakup! Thursday’s Breakup
Stand Up for Yourself!

Watch Friday’s Breakup Friday’s Breakup
It’s All Your Fault.

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